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Canon PowerShot SX220

PowerShot SX220

The Canon PowerShot SX220 310 HS, finished here in a charcoal grey, features an HS System to ensure stunning images in all situations.

A wide-angle lens with a 14x optical zoom, and the ability to shoot Full HD movies, make the SX220 a great choice for day or night shooting.

The HS System excels in low-light conditions, allowing you to capture the real atmosphere of the moment without using a flash or tripod.

A high performance DIGIC4 processor and high sensitivity sensor will deliver you superior image quality in all situations.

A wide-angle lens allows you the scope to fit more into your photos, letting you get more of that stunning horizon in, or every last family member into your group picture.

The PureColor II 3-Inch LCD screen has outstanding contrast, resolution and colour rendition. If you’d prefer the camera to help you capture the perfect shot, then you can use its Smart Auto function. It is truly automatic, and will detect the right setting from 32 different scenes.

This Canon PowerShot SX220 features advanced optical image stabilisation to reduce blur caused by camera shake, leaving you with perfect pictures of special occasions.

Shoot high quality movies in Full HD with clear stereo sound and dynamic image stabilisation, which help to ensure great sound reproduction and shake-free filming.

If you’re feeling adventurous then you can experiment with capturing photos of fast-paced action, with up to 8.2 shots/second using High-speed Burst mode.

Alternatively try using Super Slow Motion Movie mode, slowing down movement up to 1/8th of the real speed. Add fun to your photos by using the creative shooting modes .

Fish-eye effect re-creates the distortion of a fish-eye lens while Miniature effect transforms landscapes into miniature scale models. For the look and feel of a picture taken with an older style camera, try the Toy Camera effect

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Release date:9 Mar 2011
Model no:SX220
Section:Compact Digital Cameras